Mopico is an oil company and for more than 5 years, has been developing quality oil products. It cooperates with blue-chip companies and organizations to fuel innovation and utilizes advanced new technologies to produce high-quality oil product.
According to the long term vision of Mopico, it established a factory and launched Season lub a brand to get people where they need to go.
Season lub offers its customers a full range of lubricants that meet strict national and international standards. The product portfolio is broken down into core categories; automotive and industrial lubricants, lubricating greases.
Season lub We are committed to making a positive and lasting contribution to people’s lives. Our value spurs us to push the limits of creativity and technology to develop and implement meaningful solutions for our valuable customers.

Season lub By adopting an Open Innovation strategy and harnessing our relationships with institutes, and industrial partners, we leverage company-wide synergies in technology, research, design to bring innovations to market. We look out for any technological innovation that could contribute to improving our lubricants even further. Our aim is that to increasingly provide more protection for engines and their components, inside cars and other machinery.
Season lub With regard to the accessibility of raw material and skilled human resource in Iran which makes our product economically feasible, we have targeted to expand our sales network to a local and national market.