SAE 15w40
for Diesel Engines

SEASON 15W40 CI-4 Diesel engine with unique quality, a combination of high-quality base oils and special additives, which is specially formulated for diesel engines with a world-class daylight technology in accordance with the Euro II standard. This oil, with its special additives, has been formulated to increase oil life and excellent engine protection for modern turbocharged diesel engines.

  • Heavy and semi-heavy vehicles with World Day technology
  • Supercharged diesel engines and turbocharged
  • Modern Road Construction Machinery
  • Agricultural machinery, construction machinery and mines
  • is recommended for use in medium and heavy duty diesel engines for G-drive, off-highway, construction and mining, marine, loco, city fleet and long haul on-highway applications.
  • Excellent control of engine cleanliness
  • Excellent engine wear protection
  • Maintains optimum oil pressure, even under arduous stop-start city driving
  • Improved engine durability and life, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing costly downtime
  • Unique dispersive polymer technology (DPT), with premium Group II base oil, provides advanced soot control and cold start protection.
  • Valve train wear protection and reduced oil filter restriction at high soot levels. 
  • High temperature deposit control, including single and two-piece pistons and ring/liner wear protection.
SpecificationsTest methodUnitResults
Viscosity @100°CASTM D445cSt (mm2/s)15.26
Viscosity @40°CASTM D445cSt (mm2/s)104.6
Viscosity IndexASTM D2270cSt (mm2/s)154
Pour Point (Min)ASTM D1298cSt (mm2/s)
Flash Point (Max)ASTM D92-
Density @ 15°CASTM D97Kg/m3
TBN (mg KOH/g)ASTM D2896°C
CCS @ -35°CASTM D5293°C
Performance level(s)
ACEA E4/E7-16
MB 228.3
MAN M 337
MTU Type 3
Renault RV/RD
Cummins CES 20078
Fully Synthetic