SEASON 80W90 GL4 is a high-performance gearbox oil of SAE grade 80W-90 produced using specially selected base oils. It is characterized by a high thermal load capacity and provides a stable lubricating film, even under continuous stress. As a result of fine selected components , reduced wear and lower gearbox noise obtained ensuring durable lubrication of gearboxes. Miscible and compatible with conventional and synthetic gearbox oils.


SEASON 85W90GL4 is a mineral gear oil [According to base]  for axle and hypoid transmissions calling for API GL-4 performance fulfills the requirements of a mechanical transmission gearboxes with moderate "extreme pressure" characteristics and is specifically developed to avoid corrosion .Even at very low outside temperatures SEASON GWHEEL4 offers the fastest possible complete lubrication during start off, outstanding gear efficiency and lowest power losses.

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