SAE 80W90
for Manual Gear Box

SEASON 80W90 GL4 is a high-performance gearbox oil of SAE grade 80W-90 produced using specially selected base oils. It is characterized by a high thermal load capacity and provides a stable lubricating film, even under continuous stress. As a result of fine selected components , reduced wear and lower gearbox noise obtained ensuring durable lubrication of gearboxes. Miscible and compatible with conventional and synthetic gearbox oils.

  • High Extreme-Pressure properties.
  • Excellent anti wear, antioxidant, antifoam, anticorrosive, antirust properties.
  • High viscosity index.
  • Fuel saving.
  • Suitable for the lubrication of synchromesh gearboxes
  • Suitable for mechanical steering controls and most rear axles
  • Excellent  compatibility with non-ferrous metals
  • Easy gear shifting
  • Extended oil life , proven resistance to oil degradation. 
  • Stable lubricating film, even with very hot oil and under very high loads
Specifications Test method Results Unit
Viscosity @100°C ASTM D445 14.5 cSt (mm2/s)
Viscosity @40°C ASTM D445 132 cSt (mm2/s)
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 110 -
Density @ 15°C ASTM D4052 890 Kg/m3
Flash Point (Max) ASTM D92 220 °C
Pour Point (Min) ASTM D97 -24 °C
INSO 2873
6 265986 700823